Dear old drummer, play the drums, Till your fingers turn totally numb, My feet willingly follows your beat, your tune finds,in my heart, a seat! The thundering of your drums and the jingling of my anklets, They mingle together and the message is spread, The rhythm of nature has been set free, It pours out the colours through you and me!

My soul

It was lost in this gigantic world,
In a song of its own miseries,
It just wanted its wings to unfold
And find the mate of its dreams!

Was it too much to ask for love,
In return for true devotion?
Was it all a game of mind and nerves
In this world, or were there true emotions?

Frustration ,like a cobra,was gradually consuming it,
Tears did often flow out ,but nothing could end it’s grief,
Till the dawn arrived,with a sailing boat and just one man in it,
Finally, my soulmate’s touch brought it eternal relief!